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Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast
The Official Podcast of NAILD
Category: Technology
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January 10, 2021 09:37 PM PST

Al Uszynski returns to the podcast to discuss the 11.5 Predictions for 2021 article that ran on his site, Inside.Lighting. Spinning off from those predictions we discussed:

● Dark skies
● Dynamic lighting in the workplace
● The speed of economic recovery
● Adoption rates for human-centric lighting
● How our industries adapt to social changes
● Collaboration at a distance
● The future of trade shows
● Where the DLC goes from here
● How the channels of business are shifting

Plus, a little fun at the expense of social media’s past, and Greg and Michael’s misadventures in China.

January 07, 2021 09:59 AM PST

Ron Gibbons is the director for the Center for Infrastructure-based Safety Systems and an associate professor at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and here is to discuss his work and experience in the dark.

As a Canadian, he grew up with outsized access to dark spaces, sharing stories about being so far from any light source he hit a tree in front of his face. Now, as a researcher he is very happy to be spread across any number of field studies, ranging from his two miles of test road on campus to comparing roadside-grown soybeans to other soybeans. What he has learned, when it comes to light at night, we all need to put health first, health is more than absence of illness it is about promoting wellbeing for all affected. When we put up a light we all need to balance the needs of everyone and everything under that light.

The episode also discusses the idea of lighting crosswalks the same we light a stage, the lack of maximum limits in lighting regulations, building awareness before and after policy changes go into effect, the controversial position of banning all those RGB lighting rigs on bridges, and building enough design knowledge in the lighting industry to be helpful in making nights darker.

January 03, 2021 10:14 PM PST

2020 was a hard one for all of us, but to help us to look at the future is The Edison Report’s Randy Reid is here to help us look into 2021.

Beginning with his Director’s Notepad piece, we go discussed:
● Changes in business travel, the lack of networking online,
● The power of virtual education options,
● Randy’s Man(crush) of the Year,
● The blast of price increases coming at us in the next quarter,
● Pushing back on China not just as policy but as a social movement,
● The future of UV and hygiene theatre
● Mergers, acquisitions, support measures and corporate zombification,
● Randy’s new video news project,

Thank you all for listening to us, we hope you’ll join us in for the rest of what 2021 brings.

December 27, 2020 10:35 PM PST

We welcome our first ever electrician on to the show, George Filtsos was there at the beginning of Daintree and has been working to push controls into more projects through all of the booms and busts in that field.

We discussed how dimming is an unknown factor in improving the lifespan of LEDs, his refusal to take the quick turn and burn retrofit contracts, the nuts and bolts of wireless controls, sales technique and the layers of complexity involved in his work.

December 20, 2020 11:46 PM PST

Gabe Arnold joins us from the Pacific Northwest National Labs after his recent work in DC lighting and PoE systems. But before we can that get to that we had to bring up his past at the DesignLights Consortium in the early days of the qualified products list, he explains why utilities needed the DLC’s help, where lighting dorks missed out on their rationale and some hindsight about the rush for high lumens for few watts.

But when it comes to DC power, it’s not going to replace the grid, but as we add more solar panels and energy storage it will become more common to see some systems on run on Direct Current just to avoid adding more inverters than we need. We suspect this will really take off once LiFi gets added to the ix as well, but even Gabe, tech prophet that is, won’t guarantee that one.

December 17, 2020 08:20 AM PST

It’s time to bring the question of design into this series. Nick Dunn has been trying to balance the question of people’s need for light and natural darkness as an ecological concern since he spent one sleepless night walking around Manchester.

Discussing his work with the Institute for Social Futures and the IDA with Michael and Jane he explains how he builds awareness for dark skies in society that vilifies the very idea of darkness, the need for night-time urbanism, and experiments with alternate exterior light sources.

We all need to confront a number of different mentalities to make darker skies happen, we need a sort of general absolution for the glare guilt of sales teams, a new way to inform end users about the harms bad systems might take (think cigarette labels), and reconsidering enforcement and incentives for brightness violations.

December 13, 2020 02:06 PM PST

How do you keep a company running for 150 years?

CN Robinson has been in distribution since before electric light bulbs existed, first in seeds and then ladders and other equipment. Executive VP and Director of Sales Peter Gray is here to explain how he keeps looking forward and finding new ways to keep his business vital.
He’s not planning on going back into horticulture, but he is adding more project business, bringing back some electrical supply and adding new people to his team.

Peter is a former President of NAILD and a former board member for NCQLP, and he shares his experiences in professional development and networking, and how that time helps him keep his staff more and more engaged and educated in their field.

December 09, 2020 09:55 PM PST

Sibylle Schroer is an ecologist from IGB, and joined us to discuss the role the increasing amounts of light at night plays in the experience of human and non-human wildlife.

We discussed citizen science and the need for multidisciplinary approaches in the field as well as the barriers in perceived security and legislation. What emerges in the conversation is a need for night studies, not just late economics, but a genuine understanding of the purpose for each light turned on outside at night. We can create something that helps shift workers, respects wildlife, and is useful for safety needs.

Change happens faster than you think, we can come to better understanding of exterior lighting and create systems that make more sense.

December 06, 2020 07:24 PM PST

This episode features the return of the UL's Adam Lilien and the introduction of the GSA’s Bryan Steverson as they discuss creating better workspaces with light.

The GSA has partnered with the Lighting Research Center and the UL over the past five years on different human-centric lighting projects. Our conversation ranges from reconsidering the importance of horizontal luminance, what we know for sure about improving people’s experience indoors, adapting existing fluorescent systems and issues related to UV-C disinfection tech.

December 03, 2020 07:57 AM PST

The International Dark Sky Association’s Technical Director joined us to discuss the mechanics of dark sky-friendly projects. Start from tasks; most outdoor lighting is based on pathfinding, not offering reading lamps to the general public; while color temperature has become a focus point, the direction is still the real issue when discussing skyglow issues; and he’s not with the Dark Ground Society, you can create beautiful and useful lighting systems everywhere and still respect your neighbours.

We discussed the process of designing a lighting system, where distributors can fit into that conscientiously, the entanglements surrounding ordinance enforcement, awareness-building as spreading a curse, and fighting back against daytime design habits.

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